Patrick Key was born in California and grew up in Louisiana and now lives in Texas. He attended the Northwestern State University of Louisiana and obtained his BA in English with minors in history and business administration. There, he graduated cum laude. He later obtained his MA in English with a concentration in creative writing from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Throughout his years, he’s been alternating between the academy and the “real” world, finding work at fast food places, call centers, and even completing a public relations internship. He’s even been a debt collector. And while he’s never been a teacher, he has been a student, a researcher, and a tutor.

Patrick started writing seriously later in life, thanks to the help of a poetry class during his undergraduate years. His interests revolve around the absurdity of life and love, disillusionment, and the human tendency to struggle with impossibilities. He also loves fantasy, be it Final Fantasy, fantasy novels, or just the history of sorcery. He also is interested in the history of the University, especially the English major and the role of the humanities in our education system and our daily lives. His works have appeared in Sparks of Calliope, Wine Cellar Press, The Daily Drunk, among others.

To reach Patrick, send him an email at reachpkwriter@outlook.com. He’s also the founding editor of the poetry journal Grand Little Things.

Works Published:


How It’s Made: Jellicle Cats” SLANT Summer 2021

“Lorna” Sparks of Calliope January 2021

“Ham” Wine Cellar Press Issue 2: Waterloo

“Revisiting Naruto While in Grad School” The Daily Drunk Mag August 2020

“Ouroboros Festival” The Amethyst Review November 2019

“This was Written by a Fish” The Amethyst Review October 2019

“The King’s Letter To a Farmer’s Daughter” The Penwood Review – volume 19, number 2 fall 2015

“Sycophant’s Dream” The Penwood Review – volume 19, number 2 fall 2015

“Dreamland” Argus 2013

“The Tightening” Argus 2013

“Regrets” Argus 2012

“Rat Race” Argus 2012

Short Stories:

“Expose of a Millennial” The Corner Club Press Issue 20, Vol 5, Spring

Creative Nonfiction:

“A Bunny’s Tale” Argus 2012